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Rich's Playground Upgrade

Rich’s Playground at Sheep River Park is one of the most beloved playgrounds in Okotoks and now it's time for us to show it a little more love!  In keeping with the Town’s commitment to provide quality infrastructure, we need to upgrade some of the play equipment at this location.  

Rich’s Playground was initially constructed in 1998.  In 2013, a portion of the park was upgraded and a climbing structure and various stand-alone components were added. Now it’s necessary to upgrade the rest, and we need your input.

We are going to need your input twice: once now to select a style for the area needing upgrading then again later in the planning process when we'll ask you for input on specific elements and components to consider.  Check back on this page for updates; we will also be posting signage in the park when we're ready for your input again. Installation of new elements is scheduled to occur in 2022.

The area outlined in yellow in the image below is the playground area scheduled for upgrades. We are going to be removing the existing structure, glider, talk tubes, and swings. The swing area will be retained for swings, and the swing components will be determined in the fall. The entire playground surfacing will be replaced with this project, and the surfacing being considered is approved wood chip material, which is a more accessible surface than gravel and will help us work toward making the playground as inclusive as possible.  Given the frequency of flooding in the area, rubber surfacing is not being considered.

Rich's Playground upgrade area

Thank you for participating in the public engagement for this project; your feedback indicated support for having nature based elements added to the existing standard play equipment as part of the Rich's Playground upgrade. To learn more, check out the What We Heard report by clicking the button below!

What We Heard Report