Rich's Playground Upgrade

Rich’s Playground at Sheep River Park is one of the most beloved playgrounds in Okotoks and now it's time for us to show it a little more love!  In keeping with the Town’s commitment to provide quality infrastructure, we need to upgrade some of the play equipment at this location. 


The results from our first phase of public engagement in April 2021 indicated support for having nature-based elements added to the existing standard play equipment. With this direction confirmed, we are now in the second and final phase of this project and need you to review and select your preferred playground design option.

Town residents were invited to provide input on the final phase of the Rich’s Playground Upgrade project through an online survey, where they were asked to select from three design concepts, that launched on February 1 and closed on February 15.

A total of 382 people provided their preference for the design of the upgrade. The results of the survey have indicated that, out of the three design options provided, design 3 received the most support. Of the 382 respondents, 68.59% selected option 3; 18.32% selected option2and 13.09% selected option 1. To review the What We Heard Report, click the button below.

What We Heard Report

Please click the buttons below to review the Rich's Playground design options.

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Option 3

Thank you for participating in the first phase of public engagement for this project; your feedback indicated support for having nature based elements added to the existing standard play equipment as part of the Rich's Playground upgrade. To learn more, check out the What We Heard report by clicking the button below!

What We Heard Report