Maintenance Routes and Parking Bans

Parking bans declared for snow removal on Jan. 18

The Town declared parking bans for the purpose of snow removal on Thursday, January 18 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. along the following maintenance routes (weather and equipment dependent):

  • Clark Avenue from McRae Street to Elma Street East
  • Elma Street East from Clark Avenue to Veterans Way
  • Elma Street West from Veterans Way to Elk Avenue
  • Elma Street West from Elk Avenue to Northridge Drive
  • Elk Avenue from Elizabeth Street to Elma Street West

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A maintenance route parking ban is a temporary parking restriction on roads designated as maintenance routes. Parking bans allow crews to work on the roadways more efficiently when they don’t have to operate around parked cars.  

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Declared Maintenance Routes Map

Map showing declared maintenance routes in Okotoks

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