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Integrated Pest Management
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a decision-making model used to prevent and manage pest problems. IPM promotes the use of various management practices (cultural, biological, mechanical, chemical, legal, and genetic) to improve plant health, and to prevent and manage pest infestations. The Town's IPM plan provides strategies and goals for the management and maintenance of weeds, nuisances, pests, and animals within Okotoks. The plan aligns with federal, provincial, and municipal acts, regulations, and bylaws. 

Video Q&A: Herbicide use in Okotoks

Watch these informal Q & A video sessions with parks staff to learn more about herbicide use and how the Town is using many chemical-free options as part of the Okotoks weed management strategy.

Learn more about where and why herbicides are used (or not used) around Okotoks, as well as ways the Town is working to protect pollinators, how to prevent noxious weeds in your own garden, and what to do if you are concerned about herbicide use in your community.

Learn more about how the Town Parks team reduces herbicide use and utilizes chemical-free technology to control weeds in Town parks, playgrounds and natural areas. You may be surprised at some of the cool, unique tools they use!

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