Flood Planning

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The Town uses the Alberta Emergency Alert (AEA) tool to provide information on developing emergencies, serious alerts and local emergency notifications in Okotoks. Alberta Emergency Alert is an alerting system available in Alberta that provides critical information about developing and immediate disasters. Alerts are distributed through various means: radio, television, websites, Twitter, Facebook and the Alberta Emergency Alert App.

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The Town of Okotoks Flood Action Plan was developed, and is updated yearly, to provide an effective response to a flood incident.  The Flood Preparedness handbook provides full details to residents on what the Town is responsible for as well as what residents need to know about preparing for an emergency.  Please refer to it for more information.

Sandbag Pre-Deployment Strategy

The Town has developed a sandbag pre-deployment strategy for flood prone areas (Lineham & Riverside) which details flood mitigation activities and procedures, including the delivery of sandbags in/to the flood plain during a flood event. The sandbag pre-deployment strategy is based on weather predictions and the levels of warning issued by Alberta Environment and is coordinated by Public Works (Operations).

In the event that a Flood Watch is issued by Alberta Environment, the Town of Okotoks activates its Sandbag Pre-Deployment Strategy to all areas affected in the flood plain. There may be circumstances when the sandbags are pre-deployed prior to the Flood Watch at the High Stream Flow Advisory (Level 1) and will be based on weather predications and water levels.

Flood Levels & Related Town Response

Below are the Flood Emergency Levels as identified by Alberta Environment, and what the Town does at each level.

Town Flood Response & Public Information

The Town of Okotoks responds to drainage concerns on a prioritized basis using the following response criteria:

River & Water Supply Monitoring

Flood Preparedness

In our area, being prepared for flooding is an unfortunate reality. Seasonal flooding from snow melt or heavy rains is not uncommon, and may pose a flooding risk to those in close proximity to rivers and streams. Water may overflow onto properties and into basements, even in neighbourhoods that have not experienced flooding before. Being prepared for seasonal flooding can significantly reduce the potential for property damage or loss, and can increase residents’ personal safety.

Flood Preparedness Guide

Flood Proofing Your Property

Know What to do During a Flood

It’s important to learn what steps to take during a flood to ensure safety and mitigate damage to your property. This includes understanding the flood advisories and knowing how to respond if emergency personnel are unable to reach the area immediately.

After a Flood

After a flood, it’s important to restore your home to good order as soon as possible to protect your health and prevent further damage to your house and belongings. Once flood waters have receded, and permission has been granted to return home, consider the following safety measures:

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