Drake Landing Solar Community

The Drake Landing Solar Community (DLSC) is a master planned neighbourhood in the Town of Okotoks, Alberta, Canada that has successfully integrated Canadian energy efficient technologies with a renewable, unlimited energy source - the sun.

The first of its kind in North America, DLSC is heated by a district system designed to store abundant solar energy underground during the summer months and distribute the energy to each home for space heating needs during winter months. The system is unprecedented in the World, fulfilling 95% of each home's space heating requirements from solar energy and resulting in less dependency on limited fossil fuels. The Government of Canada and its Canadian industry partners are proud to showcase Canadian solar thermal and energy efficient technologies in this one-of-a-kind community.

Learn more about the Drake Landing Solar Community on the project's official webpage.

Please contact the Environment and Sustainability for all project tour inquiries.

Last Updated: October 26, 2020