Ridgemont Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan

he draft Ridgemont Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan (NASP), developed by Lamont Land, is a statutory plan that, upon approval by Okotoks Town Council, will provide a policy framework to guide the development of about 160 acres of land located directly north of the Crystal Ridge Golf Club and adjacent to 32 Street and 338 Avenue. 

Ridgemont NASP area map

The NASP will provide information on the proposed community layout, commercial area design requirements, open space and park design concepts, infrastructure, servicing and the transportation network for the area. It will also outline the general housing types proposed for this community. 

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Draft Ridgemont NASP

Project Timeline

Ridgemont NASP timeline

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This is a developer-funded Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan sponsored by Lamont Land LP. Click the button below to learn more about the Ridgemont project.

Ridgemont NASP Project

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