Town Bylaws

Bylaws created by the Town of Okotoks are regularly reviewed and updated by Council.  All bylaws require three readings by Council before they take effect.   The Town encourages public feedback on bylaws which have a significant effect on citizens of Okotoks, such as animal control or traffic bylaws.

Many bylaws, especially land use bylaws, require advertising and a public hearing before Council may approve them.  These are referred to as statutory public hearings, and are usually scheduled for 7 p.m. on the same day as regular Council Meetings.  Notice of the public hearing is posted on the Town’s website and advertised in the Okotoks Western Wheel in advance of the hearing.

Bylaw Database

All the Town's most common bylaws can be found and searched quickly below:

Bylaws are created to meet the needs of citizens and resolve issues and apply within Okotoks limits. In Alberta, a local government's powers and duties are given to them by the Province of Alberta under the Municipal Government Act . This includes the power to enact bylaws.  The Town may create bylaws for a municipal purpose in relation to those matters listed in the Municipal Government Act.  Matters include:

  • Public safety
  • Citizen health and welfare
  • Protection of private and public property
  • Nuisances and unsightly premises
  • Public places
  • Transportation
  • Business activities
  • Services provided by the Town
  • Utilities
  • Animals
  • Enforcement

Public Hearings are a way for the Town to consult or engage with the public on bylaws. Please note that any feedback, including letters, emails, or in person, become part of the public record and may be published in a Council agenda package which is posted on the Town’s website for public viewing.

Learn how a public hearing is conducted 

Information on enforcement of Town bylaws can be obtained by contacting Municipal Enforcement at 403-995-6302.  If you require a bylaw which is not posted online, please contact Legislative Services by submitting an online request below.