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Street Cleaning

As with previous years cleaning programs, our Transportation crews are working in two shifts - day and night shifts.  During the daytime, the cleaning crews will prioritize in the residential areas.  Night shift cleaning crews typically focus their efforts on the larger priority routes where less traffic volumes are experienced during night time hours making cleaning efforts much more safe and efficient for crews and the public while also creating less disruptions to traffic.  While these routes identified for night shift crews maybe close to residential areas, some night time disruptions may be expected.  We apologize for any inconveniences created while we are working to clean up our community.    

In the spring time, major cleaning events are scheduled typically from mid-April to end of June (weather permitting) to facilitate the removal of accumulated gravel left over from the previous winter.  When major cleaning events are scheduled, temporary signs are installed notifying area residents of the scheduled roadway cleaning activities.  When streets are marked with street cleaning signage, cleaning crews will endeavor to be engaged in the scheduled area on the days noted on the street cleaning signage.  When residents observe these signs, they are encouraged to remove all vehicles from the roadway to assist street cleaning equipment. 

Residents are reminded that the Town’s street cleaner runs year round and while crews will endeavour to complete a 100% sweep success rate during spring cleaning, crews will return back in the summer months to complete any areas that were missed.   If an area was missed in your community, contact Operations (403) 938-8952 to let us know so that we can assess and follow up accordingly.  

As with any heavy machines, the public are advised to stay back from street cleaning equipment when the equipment is engaged.  Street cleaning equipment can generate a large amount of dust that can make it challenging for both the equipment operators and the public.  The public is reminded to proceed cautiously when in the vicinity of street cleaning equipment.