Street Cleaning

Street cleaning moving into residential areas

Residential street cleaning is underway. Watch for street cleaning signs placed at the main intersections of residential areas. If you see a street cleaning sign as you enter your neighborhood, please move your vehicle from the street during the referenced time.  Please refer to the street cleaning map to see the order they are cleaning around Town:

Street Cleaning Map

You may sweep any gravel off your sidewalk and driveway onto the roadway prior to the arrival of the street sweeper. Please remove ramps or other obstructions from the gutter in front of your driveway. If crews must go around obstacles, they will not be able to return until after all other zones have been completed so don’t be a bad neighbour!

Should your area be scheduled for cleaning on your garbage / recycling collection day, place your refuse bins out as usual.  Transportation crews monitor these areas when cleaning is occurring and will move bins if needed to allow the sweeper to pass by.

The public is reminded to proceed with extreme caution when in the vicinity of street cleaning equipment, obey all construction signage or whenever possible, avoid this area while equipment is in operation.

Cleaning efforts are subject to weather and equipment and may change depending on these or other factors.  

For information on street cleaning progress, please call 403.938.8952.

As with previous years cleaning programs, our Transportation crews are working in two shifts - day and night shifts.  During the daytime, the cleaning crews will prioritize in the residential areas.  Night shift cleaning crews typically focus their efforts on the larger priority routes where less traffic volumes are experienced during night time hours making cleaning efforts much more safe and efficient for crews and the public while also creating less disruptions to traffic.  While these routes identified for night shift crews maybe close to residential areas, some night time disruptions may be expected.  We apologize for any inconveniences created while we are working to clean up our community.    

Town crews will start on major thoroughfares and arterial roads. Once those roads are substantially completed, crews will then move into residential neighbourhoods. Residential roads will be completed following the predetermined neighbourhood zone map.

Where can I find the street sweeping zone map?

Street cleaning map

Are parking bans declared on maintenance routes during street sweeping operations?

When street cleaning is scheduled and where Maintenance Routes exist, parking bans will be declared notifying area residents of the scheduled roadway cleaning activities. When Maintenance Routes are declared, vehicles and all obstructions must be removed from the roadway. The Town will try to provide 48 hours notice. At this time, ensure that your vehicles are parked off-street between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

I rely on street parking. What are my options?

When a Maintenance Route is declared, it’s time to make temporary arrangements to park your vehicle elsewhere.

Parking alternatives include:

  • Driveways
  • Garages
  • A shared parking space with a neighbor or friend
  • Public Parking Lots

On-street parking may also be available along primary and secondary routes when crews are sweeping residential streets.

Can I park in my alleyway when there are parking signs posted in my neighborhood?

No. Parking in alleyways is not permitted, as per Bylaw 10/10. Alleyways exist only for emergency response vehicle access.

It looks like my street has already been swept. Can I park on my street if parking signs are still posted?

No. Your street may appear to have been swept, but further maintenance may be required.

I live in a new community. Why has my street not been swept?

Communities that are new construction are the responsibility of the developer to maintain. Please contact the developer for your area for all roads-related inquiries, including street cleaning.

What happens if I leave my vehicle out, or there are other cars parked on the street when the street cleaning equipment come to clean?

If there are no signs indicating a parking ban, the crew will sweep around the vehicle. If there are vehicles parked on a street that has been signed, or a Maintenance Route has been declared we generally do not return to an area once it has been swept, the street in front of your property the area where the vehicle was parked will remain dirty.

There is gravel and sand on my residential sidewalk or boulevard from winter snow maintenance, whose responsibility is it to remove?

If there is sand and gravel on your sidewalk or boulevard, you may sweep it onto the road before the sweepers pass by.

Residential streets will be signed prior to street cleaning activity.

When residents observe the signs, they must remove all vehicles, ramps and obstacles from the roadway to assist the street cleaning equipment.

  1. Please MOVE vehicles and obstacles (basketball hoops, gutter ramps etc.) off of roadway and onto your private property. 
  2. If crews must go around obstacles, they will not be able to return until after all other zones have been completed.
  3. Don't be a bad neighbour!