Natural Areas

Year-round enjoyment of the Sheep River Valley by all Okotokians is encouraged with appropriate sensitivity to environmental impact and safety.  Youth spending time outdoors in nature and exploring these natural areas will have intrinsic benefits for their healthy growth and development. However, when recreational use and the long-term survival of significant habitats conflict, protection of the resource must take precedence. 

Why do we need natural areas in our Town?

There are a number of benefits to protecting natural areas. These include environmental benefits such as maintaining healthy natural vegetation and habitat, which fosters an understanding of natural ecosystems. We must also protect nature’s water filter system that we rely on for the Town’s water supply.

The social benefits include recreation, relaxation and the fostering of an understanding of the importance of the natural world to our well-being. 

Okotoks has a finite amount of quality natural areas and man-made activities encroaching into these habitats can be a detriment.  As residents, we are so fortunate to live along the Sheep River Valley and it is a privilege to be able to access and protect these natural areas so that they are here for future generations.