Climate Action

resilient Okotoks vision chart

Resilient Okotoks: Climate Action Plan

The Town has created this Climate Action Plan to guide Okotoks on the course to this desired future. It has been designed to meet the Town of Okotoks’ target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, while also making the community more resilient and a better place to live. It establishes a detailed pathway to 2033 with guidance to 2050, while highlighting strategies that will help move the community forward for many years to come.


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Resilient Okotoks Timeline Infographics

This infographic combines everything known about what Okotoks can do to mitigate climate change and how to prepare for the changes that cannot be avoided. It represents the necessary next step in implementing many decisions that the Town of Okotoks has already made, including the long-term direction for specific actions provided in the Environmental Master Plan and Municipal Development Plan. This is an illustration of the climate action plan in milestones based on measured and achievable greenhouse gas emissions when actions have been implemented within the expected timelines.

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Additional Climate Resilience Projects

Last Updated: July 4, 2022