Tree Care

Urban Forest Management

As Okotoks is experiencing rapid growth and development, the urban forest is also increasing rapidly in population. Individual trees take many years or even a few decades to reach their maximum potential. Trees are recognized as valuable assets by reducing temperature extremes, reducing energy losses, absorbing carbon dioxide, and increasing esthetic appeal and property value. Species selection, planting specifications, and management practices collectively determine the ability of a forest to be resilient to periods of drought, insect and disease infestation, and high maintenance costs.

It is important to have long term goals and objectives to manage this ever-growing and changing asset such that future generations will benefit from our endeavours. The purpose of the Town’s Urban Forest Management Plan is to set goals regarding species diversity, diminishing pest and disease losses, and reducing hazards while growing a beautiful, healthy and strong forest asset.

These goals incorporate the vision of “Sustainable Okotoks” and environmental stewardship.

Resident Plantings on Public Property

The Town of Okotoks does not permit resident plantings on public land. Memorial trees and other plant donations may be permitted, but must be coordinated through the Parks team.

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