Budget 2022-2025

Council approves first four-year budget

Council approved the first four-year budget at the December 13 regular meeting, providing continued high-quality programs and service levels while addressing operational and inflationary pressure. This new flexible process includes ability to identify significant and incremental changes enabling Council to amend the budget as needed.

The $66M operating budget represents an overall 2.5% increase in the property tax amount, with the average homeowner in Okotoks paying an approximate $58.95 increase per year or $4.91 a month in municipal taxes.

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Read the Budget Story: Understanding your municipal taxes

Find easy-to-understand budget highlights and changes that help show where the money is being allocated. Additionally, find out what a typical homeowner’s taxes per year are and how much goes to support specific services like fire, RCMP, recreation facilities, roads, parks, transit and more. It's all broken down in an easy-to-read ‘receipt’ that provides a snapshot of the Town’s programs and services you get for your tax dollars:

Budget Story

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Try the Property Tax Estimator

The Town's new property tax estimator provides a simple breakdown of how a property owner’s municipal taxes are invested into specific services Okotokians value and use every day, such as fire, RCMP, recreation facilities, roads, parks, transit and more.

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*The amount shown in this cash receipt does not include the requisitions, which are a separate item on your tax bill and not included above. Requisitions represent taxes collected on behalf of the province (for education), Okotoks Library and Westwinds Communities. 

The Town of Okotoks’ budget is divided into two categories: Municipal and Utility. These are further subdivided into the operating and capital budgets as illustrated below:

Picture to illustrate branches of both the municipal and utility budget broken into their operating and capital budgets.

The two types of budgets—operating and capital—are very distinct and both are reflective of maintaining current service levels for existing programs and services critical to the community, as well as additional resource requirements for new initiatives.

2022-2025 Operating Budget and 2026 Year Forecast
The operating budget provides resources for the ongoing day-to-day costs of delivering municipal services to residents. The operating budget sets the revenue and spending levels for all municipal services and programs. It covers items such as staff salaries, utility costs to run facilities, funding for community events, family support programs and maintenance repairs to essential infrastructure. 

The 2022 -2025 Operating Budget and the 2026 Operating Budget Forecast planning tools were approved by Council in December 2022.

2022-2025 Capital Budget and 2026-2031 Year Forecast
The capital budget deals with costs to develop new infrastructure and amenities and invest in long-term fixed assets required for daily service delivery. Maintenance of current infrastructure through rehabilitation and replacement is priority. Examples include new water pipelines, rehabilitation of roads, replacement of equipment, new facilities and technology, land and vehicles.

The 2022-2025 Capital Budget and 2026-2031 Capital Financial Forecast planning tools were approved by Council in December 2021.

10-year capital plan (Budget)

Budget Final Deliberations and approval (December 13, 2021)

Council approved the first four-year budget at the December 13 regular meeting, providing continued high-quality programs and service levels while addressing operational and inflationary pressure.

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Budget Presentations (November 23 - 25, 2021)

Thank you for joining us online to learn more about the process for determining the Town’s 4-year budget. The budget discussions were live-streamed and recorded for future viewing.  *click on past meetings tab and then Budget Presentations

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Budget Deliberations

The Governance and Priorities committee meeting was held on December 6 and the final Budget 2022-2025 deliberations were held on December 13, 2021. 

For meeting times and the links to review meeting minutes, live-streamed video and meeting highlights visit:

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Budget 2022-2025 What We Heard Report

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