Release of Confidential Information

As outlined under section 197 of the Municipal Government Act, Council and Council Committees can discuss confidential matters in a closed meeting. Once the information discussed is no longer restricted, the information can be released.

The documents below that were originally considered confidential are now released to the public.

Meeting DateMeeting TypeTitleReleased Documents
06/27/22Regular CouncilLegal Advice
05/16/22Special CouncilLand Negotiations
04/11/22Regular CouncilLeaseholder Negotiations
03/28/22Regular CouncilLeaseholder Request
02/28/22Regular CouncilLand Acquisition
01/24/22Regular CouncilLease Negotiations
09/13/21Regular CouncilMunicipal Asset Naming
08/16/21Regular CouncilMunicipal Asset Naming
07/19/21Regular CouncilLand Use Options
06/21/21GPCLand Strategy
06/14/21Regular CouncilStorage Space
06/14/21Regular CouncilCommercial Land Strategy
11/09/20Regular CouncilRegular Council


Regular CouncilLand Purchase