Community Planning

The Town of Okotoks plans to grow to an anticipated 70,000-90,000 people by 2080. Given this anticipated population growth, and planning for our community's future, the Town conducted a community-wide visioning process in 2014. This set out what the Town should look like in 60 years, and the characteristics that will be important to consider as this community grows. Extensive community engagement was undertaken to identify community values and shared aspirations to inform the Town’s vision.

The vision and planning framework now guides the Town in preparing documents, policies, tools and programs that manage community growth, including initiatives such as a new Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP), a revised Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and other planning documents. 

​The Town has annexed land to prepare for this anticipated growth and to ensure that the community grows in a sustainable way. The properties within the annexed area experience a change in jurisdiction from one municipality to another and landowners that own land annexed by the Town of Okotoks transition from receiving services and paying taxes to Foothills County to receiving services and paying taxes to the Town. 

Town of Okotoks Community Vision

The Town of Okotoks is resilient, where people, businesses, ideas and sense of community thrive. Grounded by the Sheep River valley and supported by thoughtful planning and design, a strong local economy and a vibrant civic culture, Okotoks offers exceptional quality of life at every stage of life. Respect for each other and the natural environment makes Okotoks home.

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