Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP)


The Town of Okotoks is in the midst of completing the application for funding and financing as of May 2022. CEIP will be implemented once it is determined whether the grant and financing application has been approved. Check back here for updates! If you have any questions regarding the status of the Okotoks Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP), please contact us

On May 10, 2021 Council passed Bylaw 11-21 to authorize a Clean Energy Improvement Program in the Town of Okotoks.

This Program will allow residential property owners to obtain low interest loans from the Town of Okotoks to complete energy efficiency renovations such as:

  • High Efficiency Furnace Triple Pane Windows 
  • Solar PV
  • Combined Heat and Power 
  • Increased Insulation 
  • Tankless Water Heater
  • other renovations as approved.

how CEIP works

Information on how residents of Okotoks can apply (coming soon...)

CEIP projects are supported by CEIP Alberta. For information on CEIP Alberta and how they support municipalities, visit

CEIP projects must be a minimum of $3000 to qualify for the program, and must complete an NRCAN Energy Audit.

Residents interested in CEIP can prepare by applying for the Canada Greener Homes Grant, which provides funding for NRCAN Energy Audits. The grant also provides $5000 towards Energy Efficiency Projects, so if residents have a smaller project, this grant may cover 100% of costs. 

For more information on the Canada Greener Homes grant, click here.

The Town is eager for local Contractors to get involved in CEIP. CEIP Alberta will be compiling a list of approved contractors, familiar with the CEIP application process, and training sessions will be available to help local contractors sign up for this. Electricians, solar installers, renovation contractors, plumbers, and appliance installers will all be needed to provide energy efficient retrofits. Additionally, all applicants will require an NRCan Energy Audit, so Energy Auditors will also be needed. 

If you are interested in becoming an NRCan Energy Advisor, more information is available on the NRCan Greener Homes website.

If your company is interested in becoming an approved contractor, you can contact the Alberta CEIP program at

More local information on how to become a contractor coming soon...