Council Policies

Council Governing Framework diagramCouncil Policies are Council’s instructions to the Town Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and the organization. They set the long-term vision for the organization, establish limitations in which the CAO can operate in, connect its governance direction to management action, and describe their role and how it fulfill its accountability to the community and itself.

In 2021, Council adopted the Policy Governance Framework, which is a comprehensive set of integrated principles designed to enable accountable leadership. The framework enables Council to govern in an efficient and accountable manner by allowing Council to: 

  • focus on the larger issues:
  • rigorously evaluate the accomplishment of the organization; and
  • truly lead the organization.

Policy Governance

In the Policy Governance sections below, there are four types of policies, plus Bylaws, that are set by Council:

  1. Governance Process Policies
  2. Council to Management Delegation Policies
  3. Purpose Statements
  4. Executive Limitation Policies


These Bylaws are a form of policy, articulated as law, that govern Council, the organization and the community’s actions:

Council Governance Policies Chart

Council Governing Framework hierarchy of policies

Last Updated: October 26, 2023