Parks, Pathways & Playgrounds

Tree Care Underway

Sept. 14 - Oct 7: Crews will be out in parks, pathways and along roadways over the next few weeks pruning trees for disease control and road/pathway clearance.

Sept. 26 - 28: To accomodate pruning along meridians, there will be a west bound lane closure on Elizabeth St. from 7-10 a.m. Traffic will be rerouted along parking stalls, so there will be limited parking in the immediate area where crews are working. 

Okotoks is home to more than 179 ha of public parks and open spaces, in addition to 326 ha of natural areas including the river valley. Residents enjoy 94 km of interconnected pathway systems; 110 parks; 72 playgrounds; 36 sports fields; 3 tennis courts and 6 pickleball courts; 14 outdoor skating rinks; 6 toboggan hills; 3 locations of outdoor fitness equipment; 1 multi-use sport court; a BMX track; a water spray park, skateboard park and 2 community gardens. Learn more about each of these outdoor amenities.

    Hodson Park in Okotoks
    Hodson Park in Okotoks

    This interactive map shows the Town-maintained playgrounds, parks and exercise equipment available within Okotoks. Discover the 90+ parks, 50+ playgrounds and several locations where  outdoor exercise equipment is available to plan your next outdoor adventure!

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    Okotoks Pathway and Trails System

    This printable map shows the current pathway and trail system around Okotoks that connects virtually every corner of town. The map includes a few sample walking/running/cycling routes, important landmarks and buildings, as well as a distance legend to give approximate distances between various points throughout town. It also contains great information about local wildlife, dogs in parks, safety information and tips for sharing the path.

    Pathway and trail map (PDF)

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