Indoor and Outdoor Home Fire Prevention & Safety

Stop fires before they happen!

According to the Alberta Fire Commissioner, cooking, smoking materials and arson are the top three known causes of home fires in Alberta. The kitchen area, yard/patio/terrace and sleeping areas are the top three areas of fire origins.

Don’t forget these three important safety rules:

  1. It's important that everyone in your home knows some simple fire prevention strategies that can keep your family safe. 
  2. Make sure all family members know how to get out of your house safely in the case of a fire. Plan your fire escape routes.
  3. Test your Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors once a month. Change your batteries during the time change in spring and fall to help you remember. Carbon Monoxide Detectors do not replace the need for prevention through yearly maintenance and inspection of heating systems and appliances. 

Outdoor Fire Safety for your home

Barbecue and outdoor burning (fire pits, burn barrels) Safety

Indoor Fire Safety for your home

Carbon Monoxide Dangers

The Okotoks Fire Department receives an influx of calls regarding carbon monoxide during the winter when we experience very cold temperatures with an abundance of snow. This contributes to a risk factor, but residents should be careful at all times during the year.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives!

Smoke alarms, when properly installed, tested and maintained, provide the best early warning system in the event of a house fire. Detection and warning of smoke and fire saves lives and reduces damage to homes and personal belongings. 

Home Safety Inspections

Household Chemical Safety