Our Water

The Town of Okotoks encourages residents to learn how local actions, big and small, can positively impact your neighbours, the river, our community and our planet.  In this section, find practical tools, resources and tips to assist you, while also discovering cost-saving ideas! 

Questions? Please contact Environment & Sustainability by phone (403-995-6316) or email.

Did you know? Because the Town and residents have continued to decrease water consumption and, the Town has made infrastructure improvements, our current rate of water use can accommodate the next three years of growth! Great work Okotoks! 

Your Water Wise Yard





More Tips for the Water Wise Okotokian

Get rewarded for your water conservation efforts by applying to the Water Conservation Rebate Program! Many items below are part of the program.

  • Leaky nozzle?  Using a watering hose o-ring to will help to prevent water from leaking at the hose/nozzle joint. Pick one up at the Conservation Educator table at Town events throughout the summer!
  • Rain gauges can be utilized to measure the amount of rain that has fallen, to determine if you need to water at all!
  • Use a watering timer for your sprinkler! Timers can be programmed so you'll never forget to turn off the sprinkler again. 


  • Install a rain sensor on your irrigation systems to prevent excess outdoor water usage.  
  • Harvest rainwater to watering your lawn and garden! Did you know that you can buy larger rainwater container that works with a pump and can irrigated your garden and even your lawn?

Did you know? Okotoks has an outdoor watering schedule from May to October! Check out the link below.

Your Water Wise Home:






More Tips & Tricks

Toilets: Leaky toilets waste water and cost you money! Put few drops of dark food colouring into the toilet tank. If there's a leak, the water will change colour after a few minutes.

  • Alternatively, book a DIY Energy Audit Kit from the Town or stop by the Conservation Educator table at Town events throughout the summer and pick some up.

Learn more about REPAIRING TOILETS

Learn about the LEAKY TOILET TEST

Water Wise Fixtures: Low-flow faucets and showerheads and WaterSense® certified toilets will use less water and save you money.


Simple Water Leak Calculator - Use this to figure out how much water a leak is wasting. Use the link below for repairs!

Want to learn more about water-related DIY fixes in your home? Check out WATER LEAKS & BASIC REPAIRS


Reminder: Leftover medications should be brought to your pharmacist and leftover household hazardous waste (paint, cleaners, etc.) can be brought to the Eco-Centre. Never put these substances down drains in your home. Wastewater treatment facilities aren’t designed to remove them from the water and they can cause great harm to our river. 

Check out more water conservation technologies for your home!

Outdoor HosesBe sure to disconnect and drain all outdoor hoses
and shut-off the outdoor water supply properly to
avoid pipe bursts.
Rain BarrelsEnsure rain barrels have been emptied to avoid
freezing and cracking.
Yard irrigation SystemsMake sure your outdoor irrigation systems have
been properly blown out to avoid frozen lines.


Don’t let these sewer surprises catch you!

Your sewer pipes carry wastewater from your home to the main sewer line located beneath the street or in the back lane. Blockages in a sewer pipe could potentially cause basement flooding. Here are some common causes:

  • A frozen sewer line in extreme cold;
  • Tree roots growing into the pipe through cracks or joints;
  • Excessive grease, fat and oil building up in your pipes, which plug your sewer service;
  • A break in the service line;
  • Objects, such as rags, paper towels, wipes, and hair could plug your sewer service causing water to back-up through the floor drain.

There are things you can do to help protect your home, such as making sure a backflow preventer has been installed; if not, consult your insurance company.