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Environmental Education Centre

The Environmental Education Centre offers a visual exploration of Okotoks' water system and provides insight into people's interdependency with this essential life-giving resource.

The Environmental Education Centre currently features information all about our watershed. Visitors to the centre can view full wall murals, which illustrate a variety of water-related facts.  The murals explain where our water comes from, how it moves throughout our community, how we should best sustainably manage it, where it goes after we use it, and what the future holds for our water supply.  The centre also explains how green infrastructure (biofiltration and bioretention cells) is being used to manage the stormwater from the Town's Operations Centre site. Green infrastructure, also known as Low Impact Development (LID), is an innovative and growing field of practice in the world of stormwater management.

The Environmental Education Centre also includes a classroom for environmentally focused events and multi-age lectures.

The Environmental Education Centre is located within the Okotoks Operations Centre and is open to the public Monday - Friday from 8 am - 4 pm.

Tours and classroom lessons are available to school and community groups upon booking.  Please visit our Education Resources page for information and presentation booking requests. 

EPCOR Environmental Education Centre