Garage Sale Signage Guidelines

Signage is carefully regulated within the Town of Okotoks to ensure that advertising and display information is compatible with the community’s standards of aesthetic appeal and public safety.

Public Spaces

It is illegal to place any signs or notices on boulevards, sidewalks, medians, utility poles or public trees. This includes A-Board signs, boxes, cardboard, paper and other materials. Signs placed in these locations:

  • can be hazardous on windy days when they blow onto the streets;
  • may block the line of sight for drivers to children or animals on the roadside;
  • can disrupt shallow utilities such as fiber optics, gas and electricity (not only costly, but dangerous);
  • distract drivers;
  • damage public trees; and
  • create “visual pollution” on our streetscapes.

Garage Sale Signs and Public Announcement Notices

  • These can be placed on the Town’s Sign Corral located at the Recreation Centre on Milligan Drive.
  • The Town will remove any illegal signage and there is provision for fines to be levied if circumstances warrant.
  • Commercial quality A-Board signs will be held for 30 days then disposed of. Other signs (paper, cardboard, coroplast, etc.) will be disposed of at the discretion of the Town.
  • Signs on private property must follow the provisions of the Town of Okotoks Land Use Bylaw.
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