Business Licensing

Getting a license to do business in Okotoks is simple and straight-forward. Simply follow the link to our online business intake form below, answer the questions and you are well on your way to starting a business in the Town of Okotoks!

Home-Based or Store Front Business

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Use the form below as a one-stop-shop for getting a business license.

Apply for a Business License

Non-Resident, Temporary, Trade Show, Special Event or Market

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Any person, vendor or business that does not have a permanent location within Okotoks but is conducting business in the Town boundaries requires a business license. You can apply and find all the information you need to know in the following application:

Apply for a Business License

Mobile Vending Unit

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Want a fun way to bring more customers to your door? Celebrate a grand opening, an open house, business anniversary or just that it’s Friday? We have a unique solution for you – the Mobile Vending  Unit Program! Try having a food truck come to your business!

Mobile vending units are permitted when invited to set up on, or adjacent to, the premises by the owner/operator of the local storefront business. To operate, food trucks need a business license and must meet additional requirements such as inspections and insurance.

Apply for a MVU by clicking the button below.
MVU Application

Additional information including terms and conditions of MVU operation in Okotoks can be found in the MVU application (above). If you have further questions please contact Okotoks Economic Development at 403-938-8052.

At their regular meeting on April 24, 2023, Okotoks Town Council approved incorporating the expanded operation of MVUs into the existing Business License Bylaw as a permanent use. This decision was made following a successful MVU Pilot Project and positive feedback received from the local business community through a survey. Review the survey results by clicking the button below.

What We Heard Report

Temporary Outdoor Patio, Fitness Area and Retail Space Program

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The Town of Okotoks is aims to support and provide increased flexibility for businesses by allowing for temporary patios and retail spaces in existing parking spaces and/or on certain public property such as sidewalks provided that mobility connectivity through these areas is maintained.

Learn more and apply

Commercial and Home Based Business Development

In the event that you are establishing a business or moving your business into a new location, a change of use request may be required. Review Section 9.9 of the Land Use Bylaw to find out what regulations and provisions are required.

Business License Requirements

The Town of Okotoks requires all businesses that are operating, working, providing or selling a product or service within or partially within the town corporate boundaries to possess a valid Okotoks business license, as established in the Okotoks Business License Bylaw 21-23. This also includes co-working spaces (any location leasing Office/Desk/Room/Salon Chairs/Spaces to other businesses).

A person or business that does not have a permanent location within Okotoks but is conducting business in the Town must complete an application. 

How to Pay Your Business License Fee

The Town will be emailing invoices directly to businesses in December; business license certificates will be emailed upon payment.

Common Questions and Help

Have questions, check out our FAQ section, or take a quick look at the video below: 

Information on the Application Process

Learn why your business needs a license, when fees are due, what fees are used for and the different fees structure depending on the type of business.

Okotoks Business Licensing Brochure

Last Updated: September 22, 2023