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Public Hearings & Bylaw Consultation

Public Hearings are a way for the Town to consult or engage with the public on bylaws.  Some examples of bylaws that have a significant effect on citizens are animal or traffic control; changes to land use and development permits where Council is the development authority.  Bylaws are typically posted on the Town website and/or heard at at either a Statutory or Non-Statutory Public Hearing. 

Statutory Public Hearings are legislated under the Municipal Government Act  to allow public input regarding proposed land use bylaws or resolutions.  Non-Statutory Public Hearings are provided at the discretion of the municipality to allow the community an opportunity to obtain information or provide comment regarding planning applications or bylaws that may affect residents.  Residents are encouraged to provide feedback or participate in Public Hearings to ensure Council receives all perspectives from the public before passing a bylaw or approving a development permit.

The Okotoks Municipal Centre and Council Chamber are currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions and Council Meetings and Public Hearings are being held remotely.  As set out by the Municipal Affairs Meeting Procedures (COVID-19 Suppression) Regulation, citizens are able to participate in Public Hearings in one of the following ways:

  • written submissions;
  • drop-off submissions in the Municipal Centre drop box;
  • mail written submissions to the Town of Okotoks; or
  • request to appear live via remote access.

Submissions and requests can be made electronically using the online form button below:

Submission/request deadlines will be provided below under "Upcoming Public Hearings". 

Please note that any feedback, including letters, emails, or in person, become part of the public record and may be published in a Council agenda package which is posted on the Town website for public viewing.  

July 19, 2021 Public Hearing

A Public Hearing has been scheduled for Monday, July 19, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. regarding Bylaw 20-21.

Bylaw 20-21

The purpose of Bylaw 20-21 is to rescind the Wind Walk Area Structure Plan Bylaw 18-17.

For further information on this Bylaw, please contact Colin Gainer, Senior Planner, at Planning Services

Interested parties may provide comments at the Public Hearing through written submission OR request to appear live via remote access.  

Written submissions for Bylaw 20-21 must be received no later than Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 12:00 noon in order to be included in Council's agenda package.  Submissions received after July 14, 2021 noon up until 7:00 p.m. on July 19, 2021 will be summarized by Administration, noted during the Public Hearing, and provided to Council in full. 

Requests to provide comments live via remote access during the Hearing are accepted up until 12:00 noon on June 14, 2021.  

An opportunity for members of the public to respond via email to any new information that has arisen from Administration’s report during the Public Hearing will be provided. 

Borrowing Bylaw 18-21

The purpose of Bylaw 18-21 is to authorize the incurring of indebtedness to finance upgrades to the Waste Water Treatment Plant Phase 2 project within the Town of Okotoks for $7.000 Million.

Bylaw 18-21

Bylaw 18-21 was given first reading at Council's June 14, 2021 Meeting.  In accordance with Section 606 of the Municipal Government Act, Bylaw 18-21 will be advertised for two consecutive weeks, followed by a fifteen day petition period.  Second and Third readings of the Bylaw are anticipated for the July 19, 2021 Council Meeting.

For more information on the Bylaw, please contact Ralph Ettenauer, Chief Financial Officer.