Water Allocation System

Since 2011, availability of capacity to service new development lands in Okotoks has been managed through an allocation system. The Water Allocation System (Policy CMD-P-3.10, adopted in May 2021),  provides details on the requirements and direction of the allocation process. The policy guides development approvals while simplifying the process for planning and developers.

Capacity for New Applications

The table below indicates the current state of availability of water capacity for new subdivisions under the Water Allocation System.

Development Capacitym3Acre Feet
Common Development Capacity24,96120.2

Please Note: This information is current as of February 8, 2024.  There is water available for all structures and registered lots, including new houses under construction. 

For questions on the Water Allocation System or verification of the current available capacity, please call 403-995-6337.

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