Who We Are

"We help bring your vision to reality."


To be the easiest place to do business in Alberta by 2025. 

What does this mean? 
It means no longer spending an exhaustive amount of time planning your next investment. The information is right at your fingertips, and the ability to put that information into action is seamless. Ongoing process and system reviews will result in continual improvement and streamlining of processes, seamless online application, and faster processing, resulting in the fastest approval turnaround in the province.

It means getting the help you need, when you need it! If you have a question or require help along the way, our dedicated Economic Development team will assist from business concept to grand opening; that’s our “One Stop Shop” approach to Economic Development! 

It means navigating a process that has less restrictions, is more intuitive and, simply put, EASIER! We are constantly reviewing and updating our policies to better reflect the needs of the community. We pride ourselves on listening to our stakeholders and using your feedback to make our processes easier. 



Through collaboration and innovation we strive to cultivate the most welcoming and nurturing environment conducive to business success in Alberta. Our approach is grounded in thoughtfulness, authentic relationship building, responsiveness and robust communication; ensuring that every business in Okotoks is informed, treated fairly and given the best chance for success.

Economic Development Purpose Chart

Business Retention and Expansion

Providing support to local businesses in a day-to-day capacity, as well as when they are looking to expand their operations.

Examples include:

  1. Ongoing and regular business visitation program;
  2. Working alongside partner organizations to ensure programs & workshops are meeting the needs of the local community;
  3. Working internally as well as alongside partner organizations to ensure communication is timely, consistent and relevant. This includes in house communication tools such as an economic development newsletter and building out a more robust social media presence;
  4. Become a better broker of information and opportunity, by increasing our knowledge and network within and beyond economic development;
  5. Commit to a development process that is as easy and straightforward as possible, helping existing businesses better navigate bylaws and policies that may affect their business as well as expansion plans; 

Business Development and Retention

Strengthening and supporting local businesses during extraordinary circumstances, through engagement, programming, communication and any other means necessary.

Examples Include:

  1. Consistent and timely communication of support programs from the local, provincial and municipal levels;
  2. Consistent contact with business community via forums (online, in person, via email) to ensure the Town understand the effects of the current situation;
  3. Provision of resources where necessary and applicable, including but not limited to: business resumption planning, business strategy planning and access to resources.

Business Investment and Attraction

Leveraging the Town’s competitive advantages to attract and diversify existing industry in a complementary and sustainable fashion, increasing the commercial tax base at a rate faster than the residential tax base by using a mix of marketing and business development strategies.

Examples include:

  1. Advertising Okotoks’ value proposition via traditional and conventional advertising methods, in a strategic and focused manner;
  2. Strengthening relationships with stakeholders and increasing business development network; 
  3. Refining and focusing outward communications, so that they are aligned with the Okotoks competitive advantage messaging;
  4. Continue to review and refine processes related to development in Okotoks;
  5. Continue to review land needs to ensure the right mix of property is available to meet the existing demand within Town limits;
  6. Commit to a development process that is as easy and straightforward as possible, making it easier for new business to invest in the community;  
  7. Assisting local developers, realtors and property owners with marketing their properties, including maintaining an updated inventory within the Okotoks market;