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2018 Community Household Survey

Thank you for participating in the Household Survey. The results were presented to Council at the August 20, 2018 council meeting:

Meeting video




2018 Community Household Survey

The 2018 Community Household Survey was designed as an online survey. Census enumerators distributed door hangars to more than 10,268 residents starting May 2. Each door hangar had an individual code for each household to log on and complete the survey. The survey was also linked to the online census to make it easier for individuals to complete both at the same time.  Additional printed surveys were available at the Municipal Centre and the library for those who preferred to complete a hard copy. Residents could also call to have a printed survey mailed to them with a postage-paid return envelope.

An advertising campaign using print, social media, electronic signs and radio encouraged residents to complete the survey.  A total of 4,267 surveys were returned (approximately 40% response rate) – an exceptional response for our tri-annual household survey.  A response of 400 or more is industry standard as a good response rate and measure of public opinion for surveys.

Final Report


2013 Community Household Survey Results

The 2013 Community Household Survey was distributed to more than 9,200 households by the census enumerators starting May 10, 2013.  An advertising campaign was used to encourage residents to complete the survey. A total of 3,366 surveys were returned (approximately 36% response rate) – an exceptional response for our tri-annual household survey. A response of 400 or more is industry standard as a good response rate and measure of public opinion for surveys.

2013 Community Household Survey Summary
2013 Community Household Survey Final Report (488 KB)

A few notable highlights include:

  • 98% of respondents rate the quality of life in Okotoks as good or very good (no change from 2009).
  • What 3 things make Okotoks a good place to live?
    • 47% - Small town atmosphere (friendly people/family oriented/lifestyle)
    • 35% - Parks/green spaces/river valley/pathways
    • 29% - Shops/restaurants (availability, convenience, friendly service)
    • 27% - Location (near big city, mountains and the countryside)
  • What 3 things would make Okotoks a better place to live?
    • 19% - Restrict development/keep the Town small/stop big-box stores/slow down growth/population cap
    • 13% - Water is too expensive/ensure water supply/better quality of water/fewer watering restrictions
    • 13% - Reduce taxes/reduce business taxes/property taxes
    • 13% - More shopping/restaurants/longer shopping hours/friendlier service/shopping mall
  • 97% of respondents rated safety as good or very good (compared to 94% in 2009).
  • 95% of respondents stated that it was very or somewhat important for Okotoks to continue to adopt ‘green’ practices, (compared to 94% in 2009).
  • 92% of respondents said the Town was doing a good or very good job of facilitating and supporting the character and spirit of the community (compared to 87% in 2009).
  • 47% of respondents indicated that their household would utilize local transit within Okotoks (down from 49% in 2009), while 53% indicated they would not use the service.
  • 92% of respondents indicated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the services provided by the Town (compared to 88% in 2009).
  • 92% were satisfied or very satisfied with our vehicular transportation network and 91% were very satisfied or satisfied when travelling within Okotoks by physical movement.
  • The Western Wheel continued to be the most popular as a major source of Town information for respondents, with notable increases in Town publications, community signage and word of mouth.
  • The majority of residents remain satisfied with Town employees and Town Council.
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