Waste Services Forms

Your home is one of thousands that is serviced each week. Having your carts set out properly with the right material helps keep your collector safe and stay on schedule for you and your neighbours. Please report any issues you may have by completing the required form.


Cart Repair or Replacement

Fill out the online form below if your cart has been damaged or has gone missing. Please allow a maximum of five business days to complete your request.

Request cart repair or replacement


Request a Different Cart Size

The Town of Okotoks provides a 120L black garbage cart, 120L green organics cart and 240L blue recycling cart as part of its cart collection program. Residents have the option to choose from other cart sizes based on usage, each size of cart has a corresponding fee associated with it. Visit the Service Fee page to find a breakdown of the costs. To request a different cart size, fill out the online form below. 

Request a different cart size


Request Services - New Owner

To have carts delivered to your new home, fill out the online form below. Once this form is filled out Waste Services is notified that carts need to be delivered. Your carts will be delivered within 5 business day of your possession date, and collection service will start immediately once you've received your carts. 

Request Services - New Owner


Report a Missed Collection

Black garbage and blue recycling carts are collected weekly on the same day of the week year-round. Green organics carts are picked up every week from April to the end of October and every two weeks from November to the end of March. Some exceptions occur on statutory holidays. 

In order for your cart to be collected it must;

  •  be out by 7am;
  •  be placed at least one meter (3 feet) from any vehicle or fixed objects; ­
  •  have enough space so a person can walk between the carts;­ 
  •  have the lid closed.

If your cart met all requirements but was not collected please fill out the online form listed below. 

Report your missed collection


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