Virtual Town Hall

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    • My Town – sign in to view all of your Town accounts, including your utility bill and property tax accounts.
    • Dog Search – Locate the owner of a lost animal by tag or tattoo.
    • Existing Dog License – Pay for an existing license.
    • Business Directory – Search for a business
    • Existing Business License – Pay for an existing license
    • Property Search – Find a property
    • Access tax certificates

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    Virtual Town Hall

    How to Make Payments Online

    To make payments through your preferred online banking service, ensure you add Okotoks as a payee. If you search Okotoks, you will get several options: Okotoks TAX, Okotoks UTILITIES, Okotoks AR/Okotoks Licensing. Please choose the one that applies to the bill you are paying.

    • Note that you will need to pay each bill individually.
    • For taxes, use your roll number as the account number.
    • For utilities use your 10 digit utility number without the decimal.
    • Residents can pay dog licenses and other AR related payments with their Customer ID.

    Learn more about Town tax payment options.

    Learn more about Town utilities.

    Last Updated: March 3, 2023