Okotoks Town Council, acting as the Emergency Advisory Committee (EAC), voted in favour of the motion to uphold the Town’s implementation of the Province’s REP at the special EAC meeting (view here). The REP is implemented in the Okotoks…


The Okotoks Fire Department (OFD) is a composite service made up of a group of trained responders who adapt to any situation they come across. Our team responds to more than 1,000 calls annually from two fire stations.

We service an area of approximately 375 square kilometres, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our
response goes beyond town boundaries and is covered by a mutual aid and fire service agreement with regional fire departments.

The OFD provides services with state-of-the-art fire apparatus and protective equipment. The team takes pride in our public education and inspection program to engage with our citizens and businesses to ensure a safe community.