Corporate Sustainability

The Environmental Master Plan  (EMP) is a comprehensive long-term community plan that identifies, prioritizes and sets specific goals and targets for key environmental initiatives for the Town and the community. It encompasses all aspects of the environment, from developing new land, to sustainable practices for energy, water, waste, emissions, urban forests, construction, and transportation networks – anything that impacts the natural world.

This plan is a made-in-Okotoks solution that reflects the ideas provided by citizens drawn from every corner of Okotoks. The EMP was finalized and approved by Town Council in October 2018, after a year of stakeholder and community engagement. It is one of a number of master plans that guide the community’s future.

We can't predict the future but we can hope to respond to it—the Okotoks Environmental Master Plan takes this to heart. This plan will ultimately help build quality of life, nurture community, and invest in the elements that will help Okotoks stand the test of time and guide Okotoks towards a sustainable and resilient future.

Building a Sustainable Future for Okotoks

Learn more about some of the recent initiatives the Town has participated in, including the Alberta Municipal Solar Program, Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program and the Recreation Energy Conservation Program.