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Corporate Sustainability

The Town of Okotoks has committed to promote environmental responsibility and be a recognized leader in environmental stewardship. As such, administrative policies/guidelines have been developed to steer the Town along this path of environmental sustainability. In addition, the Town has adopted the use of various technological advances and continues to research advances to ensure we perform all of our responsibilities in the most sustainable way possible!

Future growth plans will maintain the values and principles that are important to residents, such as maintaining a friendly, safe and connected community. We will continue to protect the pristine Sheep River Valley and our commitment to Okotoks as a sustainable community that embraces environmental stewardship. We will continue to work, live and plan in harmony with the environment and our neighbours, and to maintain the community each of us has grown to love.

Learn more about the Town's long range plans, which set out the framework to guide long-range planning and development.

Long range plans

Building a Sustainable Future for Okotoks

Learn more about some of the recent initiatives the Town has participated in, including the Alberta Municipal Solar Program, Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program and the Recreation Energy Conservation Program.