Irrigation & Watering Assessments

Do you want to save more money on your water bill? Do you want to know if your yard is getting the amount of water it needs? Book a free Irrigation and Watering Assessment provided courtesy of the Conservation Educators to help you figure out where you can save water and money!

*Please note that this assessment does not replace any type of irrigation service offered by a professional irrigation technician.

During the watering assessment, a Town Conservation Educator will help you program your irrigation system properly and assess your lawn watering needs through a landscape analysis. Educators will conduct a simple watering test in your yard to help you understand exactly how much water your lawn needs on average each week, based on your watering method.

Don't have an irrigation system but want to learn more about how to be water efficient in your yard? Book an appointment below!

The assessment will also:
  • help you program your system to adhere to the outdoor watering schedule,
  • assess your soil depth and quality,
  • provide advice on turf watering needs, and
  • assess sprinkler direction to help prevent wasting water on your sidewalk 

Save water and money - book an irrigation and watering assessment today! Each household will receive a FREE water measurement Frisbee!

Book Now!

Bookings are open starting mid May 2023 for residential and commercial utility customers, with assessments beginning in early June.



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