Volunteer Resource Centre

The Volunteer Resource Centre facilitates community volunteer involvement through promotion, recruiting, interviewing, screening, placing, referring, supporting and recognizing volunteers in our community. We strive to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities, promote life-long learning, support external organizations who recruit volunteers and provide services and support to vulnerable residents.

How Do I Sign Up to Volunteer?

The Town of Okotoks has a volunteer registry where volunteers apply, are screened, and are then connected with a Town of Okotoks opportunity that fits their schedule and utilizes their skills.  In addition, referrals will also be made to local not for profits and organizations to ensure that all volunteers in Okotoks have access to as many opportunities as possible.


Complete our Volunteer Application Form or pick one up Volunteer Resource Centre and the Okotoks Recreation Centre.


Once your application is received, the Volunteer Resource Centre will contact you to book an interview time that is convenient for you.


Connecting the community through volunteerism.


A strong, supportive and vibrant community enhanced by volunteer involvement.

“The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers.”