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Education Resources

The purpose of these resources is to help the Okotoks education community address sustainability issues and give students, teachers, administrators, and staff the ideas and resources necessary to take initiative at four levels of action: in the classroom, in the school, in the community, and in the home.

The Town of Okotoks offers both field trip opportunities and educational presentations for kids.  From waste management solutions to caring for the Sheep River watershed, kids will learn about their impact on the earth and how to be aware caregivers of our planet.

Educational Presentations

Presentations can be booked using our online Presentation Request Form.

If there are other topics that you would like to hear about, please contact us.

*Please note that presentations are done in the EPCOR Environmental Education Centre. Most presentations can also be brought to a classroom.

Waste Management and Engineered Landfills
  • Every kid knows what can be recycled, but do you know where the recyclables from Okotoks end up and what they get turned into? This is your chance to learn how recycling can help the environment by reducing landfill use and the exploitation of natural resources.  When things can’t be recycled or composted, they go to the landfill! Landfills are specially designed and built to prevent pollution of the environment, but almost all inevitably leak. Learn about how landfills are engineered and managed to make sure the environment is kept safe!
  • Included activity: Students will participate in a sorting game specific to Okotoks waste streams. After a waste audit demonstration of a sample recycling bin, the students will be provided with conversion factors to calculate the amount of natural resources that are saved because of recycling. Students are challenged to organize and conduct a similar audit in their classroom and calculate how they are offsetting their environmental footprint! Students will also get to explore the inner workings of a landfill using a 3D model.
  • 1 hour presentation length
Water and Waste Water Treatment in Okotoks
  • Did you know that the water you drink comes from the river? Did you also know that the water that goes down your drains ends up back in the river? Learn how our water is cleaned before and after you use it in a virtual step by step walk-through of the water and waste water treatment facilities. 
  • Included activity: Students will use a model to follow Frankie the Fish down a stream as it becomes polluted from storm water runoff. Students can observe how everyday activities pollute the river, change the water quality and eventually make Frankie and the other animals and plants in the water sick. They will also play the Water Budget Card Game to discover our water use impact on Town water reservoirs.
  • 1 hour presentation length
Yellow Fish Road Program
  • In partnership with Trout Unlimited, this presentation explores the topics of aquatic indicator species who are most vulnerable to contaminants in our water supply, and the importance of keeping lawns and roads free of chemicals.
  • Included activity: Students will work with the Frankie the Fish model to observe the effects of chemicals washing down storm drains and polluting surrounding bodies of water. The presentation is offered as the primer for the Yellow Fish Road initiative, where students paint yellow fish next to storm drains in local communities to raise awareness about dangers of storm water runoff into the Sheep River.  Please allow a full 3 hours for the presentation and painting of storm drains. Extra adult volunteers may be needed depending on the group size.
  • Please note that this is offered only in Spring/Summer/early Fall due to weather conditions.
  • Learn about the importance of pollinators in local ecological communities and food production.
  • Included activity: Students will use their imaginations and problem solving skills to design pollinator-friendly areas for their school grounds. The area drawings will then be presented to the class. Schools are encouraged to use this as a launching point for implementing pollinator-friendly practices and becoming an official “Bee School”.
  • 1 hour presentation length

Bee friendly plants


Presentations are tailored for ages 7-15 and are provided by Trout Unlimited.


Healthy Watershed for Everyone - Gr 2/3

Fish Life & Human Solutions - Gr 4

Frogs, Wetlands & Watersheds - Gr 5

Journey Down the River- Gr 7-9

1 hour presentation length

Crazy About Compost

Learn about what compost is and the great impact that compost has on garden soil and plants!

Activities include: making a compost tea bag for plant fertilizer or beginning a classroom experiment with compost infused soil and observing its impact on plant growth (Class to please provide yogurt containers for pots). 

Storm Water Systems

This presentation has kids look at the impact their actions in yards have on the river.

How do lawn fertilizer, dog poop, and car leakages affect plants and animals in the river?  How does our storm drain system work in Okotoks?

Activity: Using a model, kids will follow Frankie the Fish down a stream as it becomes polluted from storm water runoff. Students observe how everyday activities can pollute the stream, change the water quality and eventually make Frankie and the other animals and plants in the water sick. 


Learn more about the ecosystems that we are a part of in Okotoks, how we can take care of them, and how they take care of us and the planet.

Activity: Each participant will get to chose their favorite organism and learn about where it fits in the food web. A food web game will be played with a ball of yarn to discover more about the connection between organisms in an ecosystem.

Field Trip Opportunities
Eco-Centre (Recycling Facility)
  • Tour the Okotoks Eco Centre and learn about our waste diversion facility.  This field trip is in combination with the Waste Management and Engineered Landfills presentation which takes approximately 1 hour.
  • Can be combined with any of our other tours presented at the EPCOR Environmental Education Centre for a 2 hour combined presentation.
EPCOR Environmental Education Centre (Presentation choice included)
  • Visit the centre to learn about our watershed, our Living Soils Filtration project, invasive species and more!
  • Please fill out the form to indicate what you'd like to learn about during your visit.
Foothills Regional Landfill
  • Learn how a landfill operates and what happens to things that we throw in the garbage.
  • Contact: Foothills Regional Landfill (403) 938-5224; http://foothillslrrc.com/contact/
Nature through the eyes of children

Find out what the Nature-Based Learning Grade 4 class from Westmount School recommends for exploring nature and fun places to with your family in Okotoks.

Visit their website

Outdoor Discovery from the Library

The Okotoks Public Library has some great resources to get everyone outside exploring Okotoks and Alberta!

Snowshoes and Walking Poles

Explore the river valley with the help of some snowshoes or use some walking poles to go for a hike in the Town's beautiful natural areas.  These items can be borrowed for hiking in the foothills or mountains too!

Discover Nature Explorer Packs

Animal tracks, wild flowers, leaves, and bugs are just a few of the many things to learn about and look for in Okotoks.  Use a Discover Nature Explorer Pack to take a closer look at the beautiful ecosystem we are a part of! 

Remember to care for the eco-system: Leave all animals/bugs in their natural habitat and do not pick wild flowers.  If left alone they are able to come back year after year.

Pack includes: Bugshell binoculars, magnifying equipment, plant and animal identification pamphlets, field guides, and an activity/game booklet.

*Donated to Okotoks Public Library by Alberta Parks

**This item is for adult use and/or supervision only.

Note: You must have an Okotoks Public Library membership to borrow these items.

Click on the links below to learn for our detailed pathway/trail map and our food forest map:

Okotoks Pathway Trail Map

Okotoks Food Forest Map