Town Bylaws

Bylaws are created to meet the needs of citizens and resolve issues within Okotoks town limits. In Alberta, a local government's powers and duties are given to them by the Province of Alberta under the Municipal Government Act . This includes the power to enact bylaws.  The Town may create bylaws for a municipal purpose in relation to those matters listed in the Municipal Government Act.

Bylaws created by the Town of Okotoks are regularly reviewed and updated by Council.  All bylaws require three readings by Council before they take effect.  The Town encourages public feedback on bylaws which have a significant effect on citizens of Okotoks, such as animal control or traffic bylaws.

Many bylaws, especially land use bylaws, require advertising and a public hearing before Council may approve them.  These are referred to as statutory public hearings, and are usually scheduled for 7 p.m. on the same day as regular Council Meetings.  Notice of the public hearing is posted on the Town’s website and advertised in the Okotoks Western Wheel in advance of the hearing.

Popular and Common Bylaws

Below are quick links to some of the more common/popular bylaws. For a more comprehensive search of active bylaws (1980-current), use the searchable bylaw database tool at the bottom of the page.

Searchable Bylaw Database

Search the database of active bylaws passed since 1980.

About Bylaws

Last Updated: June 25, 2021