Animal Safety & Dog Licensing

Owning a pet has many proven health benefits including physical, mental and emotional improvements for the owner; however, pet ownership also comes with much responsibility.

    Applying for a New Dog License or to Update Existing License

    Dog license fees are used for much more than just registering your dog(s) with the Town. They also cover the following:

    • Cost of purchasing dog tags, which provide a means for Peace Officers to identify lost dogs and allow for the safe return to their owners.
    • Offset costs for short-term housing of a lost dog when it cannot immediately be reunited with its owner.
    • Fees supplement the cost of dog bag dispensers placed throughout the park and pathway system for use by dog owners
    • Equipment and supplies needed for animal response and rescue during an emergency event.

    Fill out a dog license form by clicking the link below.

    Dog License Form

    The Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw regulates many aspects of dog ownership and certain responsibilities of dog owners; it also helps Municipal Enforcement work with pet owners to ensure that dogs, cats, their owners, and the neighbors live together harmoniously and safely.

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    Last Updated: July 5, 2023