Long Range Plans

Diagram demonstrating relationship between MDP, strategic plan and master plansLong-range plans and other policy documents, including area structure plans for different neighbourhoods
and various overarching regional strategies, support the community in achieving its economic, community
and environmental sustainability objectives.

Public participation plays a key role in creating each plan, ensuring that the community’s priorities and vision for Okotoks are captured and reflected. The Town encourages resident engagement and welcomes the opportunity to obtain the public’s input through its Public Participation model.

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The Municipal Development Plan

The MDP is a statutory plan that is the overarching visioning and policy document outlining land-use planning and development for the Town of Okotoks. The primary function of the MDP is to provide guidance on the long-range planning and physical growth of the Town. It also addresses the social, economic, cultural, historical, physical and environmental health of the community. As per the Municipal Government Act (MGA), Okotoks is mandated to have a Municipal Development Plan in place to guide and direct growth.

The Town recently developed a new MDP that was approved by Council on January 11, 2021.

Master Plans

The following long-range community planning documents and tools establish a foundation to guide the community’s future over the next 20 years. These documents have all been developed in conjunction with extensive community input and public engagement.

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