Northridge Drive Urbanization Project

Project details

In alignment with the Town’s 2016 Transportation Master Plan, the following recommended upgrades are required for the long-term:

  • Road widening (from 4 to 6 lanes)
  • Roadway upgrades (e.g. curbs, gutters)
  • New accesses with signalized intersection
  • Stormwater ponds
  • Landscaping (e.g. planters, boulevards, trees)
  • Active transportation upgrades (e.g. multi-use pathways, improved network connections)

The goal of this project is to provide sustainable, well-organized vehicle and pedestrian movement and community-driven infrastructure by creating a vibrant and well-connected transportation network for residents and visitors.  The aim is to also supplement new neighbourhood growth, encourage active living and improve daily commutes.

Public Participation Summary

Public engagement (open house, pop-up events and online survey) occurred in the summer and fall of 2019. Below is a summary of the information that was presented, as well as more on what we heard including a summary and report:

What we heard summary

What we heard report 

Open House Boards

Last Updated: March 5, 2021