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Town of Okotoks and Foothills County Water Collaboration Update

The Foothills Okotoks Regional Water Project (Project), a partnership between the Town of Okotoks and Foothills County, continues to positively progress.

To provide a brief project summary, raw water will be pumped from the Bow River where it meets the Highwood River through a shared water system to water treatment facilities in both municipalities. The water system is an essential water management strategy that will increase water supply system resiliency and reduce water supply vulnerability for the region.

The objectives of the Project are to provide safe and secure drinking water to the region and support the growing water needs of new residential growth and business development in Okotoks and Foothills County. A regional water system will also mitigate water resource constraints and pressure on challenged rivers and will help reduce the number of additional water supply wells needed in Foothills County in the project area.

Project Status

  • The proposed water system includes a water main, reservoir, pump station, and intake.
  • The location of the facilities have been determined through engineering analysis of costs, environmental considerations, and operational efficiencies.
  • The Town has purchased a site for an above-ground raw water reservoir and pump station.
  • Preliminary design work is near completion.
  • The Town of Okotoks has applied for a provincial grant for this project to share project capital costs amongst the Province, Town, and Foothills County.
  • The proposed funding for municipal shares of the project could potentially be 100 percent financed through grants and off-site levies, which are charged to developers to pay for infrastructure required to support growth.

Next Steps

  • Submission of Water Treatment Plant  Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act approval application June 2021
  • Environmental and land surveys this summer
  • Submission of Intake and Pipeline regulatory approvals in fall 2021
  • Confirmation of grant funding and cost sharing with the Province
  • Project construction anticipated to begin as early as 2022

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Town of Okotoks and Foothills County formalize regional supplemental water supply solution

Following the joint council, Intermunicipal Committee and Foothills County Council meetings, the two organizations have formally agreed to the working terms for the Foothills Okotoks Regional Water Project.  Check out the video below!

View Mayor Robertson and Reeve Oel's announcement video:

We've created a series of videos to help explain the history of Okotoks water as well as how the current water supply works.

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