Okotoks Public Art

Public Art is vital for supporting artists and integrating creative ideas into public life. It fosters cultural, social, and economic value, contributing to vibrant urban centres.
The town's Public Art Policy guides the commissioning and procurement of artworks to enrich Okotoks' collection, ensuring regular consideration, collaboration with relevant Town Business Centres, and increasing community programs. 
It encourages engagement with environments, accessibility, and local vitality, bolstering the economy and nurturing creative public spaces. 
Use the interactive map below to check out public art, as well as heritage buildings and historic spaces.

Interactive public art map

Nooks and Crannies Public Art Festival

Nooks & Crannies is a festival where artists create temporary site-specific installations in downtown Okotoks. This art festival sees artists repurpose and animate forgotten places with ‘forgotten’ materials, bringing public art to forgotten corners of downtown Okotoks. Learn More! 

The town has five public art projects open for submissions.

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