Due to higher voter volume this evening at both voting locations the unofficial election results will likely be available by 10 p.m. Unofficial election results will be tabulated after polls close and posted at the page below: 

Unofficial results

Affordable Housing Task Force

Okotoks, like many other towns and cities, has a very tight rental market with low vacancy rates. Council appointed an Affordable Housing Task Force to provide recommendations on a long-term strategy  to increase affordable housing and create a more inclusive community for Okotoks. 

The task force presented the final Affordable Housing Strategy to Council at the regular meeting October 13, 2020, which was approved in principle. Administration is now creating the action plan to implement the strategies and will present this for approval by January 31, 2021. 

Meet the Affordable Housing Task Force

The Okotoks story

The Task Force is collecting stories from the community to highlight the current affordability issues facing many residents and demonstrate the necessity to create an affordable housing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions