Committee Appointments, Meetings & Agendas

Council has established committees of Council to represent various civic interests and mandates. The committees are an important part of good governance for our community, and contribute to the prosperity and sustainability of Okotoks.  Committees examine issues and provide recommendations for approval by Council - you are encouraged to get involved in our community by serving on one of the boards or committees of Council.

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Please note that any documentation, such as letters or emails, provided by residents to one of Council's committees could become part of that committee's agenda package or a Council agenda package and may be provided to the public for viewing. 

As well as the committees which have citizen representatives, Members of Council are also involved in a wide variety of regional committees, such as the Calgary Regional Partnership, Foothills-Okotoks Recreation Society and the Foothills Regional Emergency Services Commission.

Council Boards, Committees and Task Forces
Affordable Housing Task Force

Council has identified the need to increase the diversity and accessibility of housing as a strategic priority.  To ensure greater provision of access to affordable housing, members of the Affordable Housing Task Force will examine all aspects of the affordable housing situation in Okotoks over a two-year period and provide strategic and action-oriented recommendations to Council.

Affordable Housing Terms of Reference

In June, 2018 the Task Force developed a draft definition of affordable housing for Okotoks.

Affordable Housing Definition

On November 13, 2018  representatives from the Task Force presented a report at Council’s  regular meeting that highlighted the urgent need to take action on affordable housing.


They made recommendations for three immediate actions that will provide a framework for increasing the potential to diversify affordable housing options. These include:

  • revising the regulations around secondary and back lane suites,
  • securing land for future affordable housing opportunities,
  • implementing a monitoring system to measure progress. 

Council approved the following motions:

"That Administration be directed to advance the affordable housing section of the Municipal Development Plan and have draft recommendations for Council’s consideration at the March 25, 2019 Council meeting."

"That Administration be directed to provide a report at the March 25, 2019 Council meeting outlining the draft proposed amendments to the regulatory framework that would achieve the objective of immediately providing the Okotoks rental market with additional affordable units, and that contains the following needs at a minimum:

  • legalization and creation of secondary suites;
  • backyard/detached suites in laned and non-laneway housing;
  • co-housing opportunities in single family dwellings;
  • accommodation of up to two bedrooms in secondary suites;
  • parking relaxation conditions;
  • fee waiver incentive analysis;
  • municipal grant analysis; and
  • caveats or other legal tools for long term provision of purpose built rental units."

"That administration be directed to explore comparable reporting methodologies and assess the impact on the organization of establishing permanent procedures for collecting and reporting data relative to citizen housing needs and report back to Council with plans and costing by June 30, 2019."

"That Administration be directed to include an affordable housing component for consideration in the 2019 budget presentations November 20, 21, and 22, 2018."


Assessment Review Board

The Assessment Review Board conducts hearings regarding property assessment appeals filed by Okotoks residents and businesses against their property assessments.  Hearings are held annually usually in late spring/early summer.  The Assessment Review Board is made up of five members.

Emergency Advisory Committee

The Emergency Advisory Committee advises Council on the development of emergency plans and programs; and complies with the Procedure Bylaw, the Emergency Management Bylaw, The Alberta Emergency Plan, The Emergency Management Act and the
Municipal Government Act.  The Emergency Advisory Committee is comprised of three Council Members. 

Family and Community Support Services Committee

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The Family Community Support Services Committee guides Town Administration in the design and delivery of programs that promote well-being among individuals, families, and the community.  Membership consists of Okotoks citizens and Council Members and a youth position.

Past Meetings

Finance and Audit Committee

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The Finance and Audit Committee assists Administration with development and implementation of annual operating and capital budgets.  The Committee reviews and makes recommendations to Council on current and long range fiscal planning.  Membership consists of Okotoks citizens and Council Members. 

 Past Meetings

Governance and Priorities Committee

The purpose of the Governance and Priorities Committee is to enhance the organizational governance framework in order to ensure that roles and responsibilities of Council, the Chief Administrative Officer, and Administration can be differentiated, explained, and understood by all stakeholders.  This Committee is not intended to replicate Council Meetings, but rather shall provide a more informal forum for the discussion of governance matters.

Meeting Information & Agendas

Municipal Planning Commission

Members of the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) review and approve applications for development permits and subdivision of land. Membership on the MPC consists of Okotoks citizens and Council Members.

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Past Meetings

Okotoks Public Library Board

The Okotoks Public Library Board determines the purpose and operation of the library and encourages development of services and activities for the benefit of residents. Membership on the Library Board consists of citizens from both the Town of Okotoks and the Municipal District of Foothills and a Town of Okotoks Council Member. 

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) addresses appeals against certain land use and development application decisions of the Development Officer or Municipal Planning Commission.  SDAB meets as required.  Membership consists of Okotoks citizens.

Upcoming Meetings Past Meetings

United Way/Okotoks Partnership Committee

The United Way/Okotoks Partnership Committee is supported by Town Council and sustains a partnership with the United Way of Calgary and area. The committee oversees a community fundraising campaign and distributes United Way funding to eligible organizations serving residents of Okotoks and surrounding area.  The Committee appoints additional community volunteers to serve on sub committees to help achieve its purpose. Membership consists of citizens from the Town of Okotoks and Municipal District of Foothills, as well as a Member of Okotoks Council. 

Regional Committees
Alberta Foothills Industrial Corridor Association

Three Members of Council are appointed to the Alberta Foothills Industrial Corridor Association.

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA)

Councillor Tanya Thorn was elected to the AUMA Board of Directors in the position of Towns South for a two year term in October 2016.

Bow River Basin Water Council

The Town appoints one Member of Council to the Bow River Basin Water Council.

Calgary Metropolitan Region Board

Officially established in January 2018, the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board consists of representatives from 10 municipalities mandated to develop a long term plan for managed, sustainable growth in the Calgary region.  The Calgary Metropolitan Region Board is the first provincially-mandated growth management board for the Calgary region.  One Council Member is appointed to this Board.

Community Futures Highwood Board

Community Futures Highwood Board is a non-profit community owned organization that has been serving the Highwood Region since 1986 under the leadership and direction of local municipalities.  Community Futures Highwood’s primary role within the region is to promote small business growth, generate jobs and build the capacity of regional communities to initiate and implement strategic development plans for a sustainable future.  The Town appoints a citizen of Okotoks and one Member of Council to the Community Future Highwood Board. 

Crescent Point Community Foundation

One member of Council is appointed to the Crescent Point Community Foundation.

Foothills Centennial Centre Foundation Board of Directors

Two Members of Council are appointed to the Foothills Centennial Centre Foundation Board of Directors.

Foothills-Okotoks Recreation Society

Two Members of Council are appointed to the Foothills-Okotoks Recreation Society.

Foothills Regional Emergency Services Commission

In 1995, the Towns of Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Okotoks, High River, and the Villages of Blackie, Cayley and Longview, and the MD of Foothills joined forces for the purpose of providing a regional emergency single call answer and transfer/dispatch system (E 9-1-1) for the Fire and Police Services and Emergency Medical Services provided to each of the participating municipalities. The Town of Okotoks appoints one Member of Council to the Commission.

Foothills Regional Services Commission (Landfill)

The Commission is a separate legal entity established in 1989 by the Province at the request of the Towns of Okotoks, High River, and the Municipal District of Foothills. The Commission's purpose is to own and operate the Frank Lake pipeline running from the Cargill plant to Frank Lake, as well as to administer the agreement between Cargill and member municipalities. In 1992 the Commission was expanded to include Turner Valley and Black Diamond and took over all operations of the Foothills Regional Waste Management Authority (landfill).  The Town of Okotoks appoints one Member of Council to the Commission.

Foothills Regional Water and Wastewater Collaborative

Two Members of Council are appointed to the Foothills Regional Water Collaborative.

Friends of Champion Park Society

Three Members of Council are appointed to the Friends of Champion Park Society.

Okotoks/MD of Foothills Intermunicipal Committee

The Intermunicipal Committee discusses matters of mutual interest to both the Town of Okotoks and the MD of Foothills. The Committee may make recommendations on inter-municipal matters to the respective Councils. Three Members of Council are appointed to this committee.


Westwinds Communities

One Member of Council is appointed to Westwinds Communities.


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