Town conducts infrastructure assessment to evaluate climate change vulnerabilities

The Town of Okotoks, in collaboration with Associated Engineers of Alberta, has completed a Climate Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment of Town infrastructure and facilities. The assessment, made possible with a $69,316 grant from the Government of Alberta through programs offered by The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC), was done to identify and evaluate climate vulnerabilities and help develop a clear action plan to mitigate the greatest risks.

The assessment included an initial evaluation of Town infrastructure systems. This was followed by a detailed report for each facility to identify the highest risks, mitigation actions, high-level cost estimates and suggested timeline for implementation.  

The findings of this assessment are expected to serve as a strategic guide for the allocation of resources and investments to the most at-risk assets within the organization. Through a climate-adaptive approach, potential compromise of crucial services such as water and wastewater systems or climate related interruptions in power and communications can be avoided. 

“As the impacts of climate change continue to intensify, the need for understanding the risks and improving resilience has become increasingly significant,” says Nick Ginakos, Facility Maintenance Team Leader. “By conducting this assessment, the Town is positioning itself to make informed budgetary decisions on improvements that will safeguard our infrastructure, essential services, and the well-being of our residents.”

This project was completed with funding provided by The Government of Alberta. The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) is a partnership of Alberta Municipalities, Rural Municipalities of Alberta, and the Government of Alberta. Learn more about the Town’s Climate Action Plan at  

Last Updated: November 2, 2023