Field Status Reports

    User groups must follow the Guidance for Organized Outdoor Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation . In addition to government orders and guidelines, user groups must be sanctioned by and follow their provincial or national sport governing body’s guidelines related to COVID-19.  All group leaders and coaches will be responsible for ensuring their participants observe regulations and guidelines and are reinforcing the message of physical distancing.

    Compliance with Alberta Health Services guidelines by participants, user groups and the public is required to ensure we all support Alberta’s efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If there is non-compliance to the public health guidelines, or the health guidelines change, the fields and/or diamonds may be closed.

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    Status of Fields & Diamonds

    Parks crews regularly inspect the baseball diamonds and fields in Town, but this webpage is only updated when there are changes to the status of the fields and diamonds.  Changes to field status will be posted to this webpage by 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.  No changes of status are posted after 4 p.m.  

    We recognize that this outdoor season will look and feel different and there is some important information to note:

    1. A limited number of fields (approx. 9) and diamonds (approx. 8) will be available to use. Please check the field status listing below for a list of open facilities.  
    2. All field and diamond use will require a booking and rental agreement. 
    3. Town service levels are reduced due to reduced staffing and financial resources:
      • Parks maintenance is operating on a once-per-week mowing cycle with fields at 3 inches-lines that are painted may be affected by mowing.
      • Diamond shale maintenance will be once per week. User groups can provide their own rake if they wish.
      • The majority of outdoor restrooms remain closed. Visit the COVID-19 information page to see the restrooms that are open.
      • Moving bleachers and/or goal posts will not be accommodated.
    4. No surfaces including benches and bleachers will be sanitized. 
    Field NameStatusLocation DescriptionField SizeGoal Map No.
    Big Rock Soccer Field
    Closed33 Hunter's Gate60mx100m

    8' x 24' fixed soccer/football/rugby

    Drake Landing UpperClosed45 Drake Landing Dr50mx100m

    8' x 24' portable steel soccer 

    Drake Landing LowerClosed45 Drake Landing Dr40mx90m6'6" x 12' portable aluminum soccer6
    Dr. Morris Gibson
    Closed147 Crystalridge Dr60mx100m8' x 24' portable soccer steel2
    Ecole Good Shepherd SoccerClosed52 Robinson Dr60mx130m6' x 12' steel portable soccer1
    Howard Park NorthClosed197 Woodhaven Dr46mx105m6'6" x 18' fixed soccer12
    Howard Park MiddleClosed197 Woodhaven Dr44mx88m6'6" x 18' fixed soccer12
    Howard Park SouthClosed197 Woodhaven Dr72mx130m8' x 24' fixed football/rugby12
    JP II  FieldClosed53 Cimarron Dr60mx100m8' x 24' fixed football/rugby13
    Kinsmen SouthClosed111 Oak Ave55mx100m2 sets 6'x12' portable aluminum soccer7
    Kinsmen NorthClosed111 Oak Ave40mx80m2 sets 6'x12' portable aluminum soccer7
    Riverside EastClosed1400 NRailway St70mx100m8' x 24' portable steel soccer9
    Riverside MiddleClosed1400 NRailway St65mx98m8' x 24' portable aluminum soccer9
    Riverside WestClosed1400 NRailway St65mx98m8' x 24' portable aluminum soccer9
    St. Mary's Soccer FieldClosed42 Cimarron Tr60mx96m2 sets 6' x 12' steel portable soccer15
    Westmount Soccer FieldClosed240 Westland St70mx100m8' x 24' portable steel soccer16
    Track Field OJHSClosed99 Okotoks Dr60mx120m

    8' x 24' fixed soccer/football/rugby

    Air Ranch Soccer FieldClosed2 Ranch Road60mx100m6' 6" x 18' fixed soccer18
     Diamond NameStatusLocation DescriptionLeft Field (ft)Right Field (ft)Centre Field (ft)Pitching Distance (ft)Distance b/w Bases (ft)Outfield Fence (Y/N)DugoutsMap No.
    Diamond #8 EGSS NEClosed52 Robinson Dr2172252124256YY1
    Diamond #7 EGSS SOUTHClosed52 Robinson Dr2012172014555YY1
    Howard Park Diamond

    197 Woodhaven Dr

    JP II Ball Diamond
    Closed53 Cimarron Dr2252212305473YY13
    Diamond #5 (south of Ecole Percy Pegler)Closed71 Okotoks Dr1501901504355NN4
    Littler Diamond #1 ORC SouthClosed99 Okotoks Dr3193753186090YY3
    Diamond #10 ORC WestClosed99 Okotoks Dr2622682524870YY3
    Westmount DiamondClosed240 Westland St2552452355473NN16
    St. Mary's Ball DiamondClosed42 Cimarron Tr2552342314358YN15
    Conrad Field (east diamond)


    1159 N Railway St2503002405380YY, covered10
    Riverside South DiamondClosed1400 N Railway St285308285532 sets: 70 & 80YY, covered9
    Diamond #6 OJHS (east)Closed1 Pacific Ave3003853004358NY5
    Ethel Tucker DiamondClosed23 Riverside Dr W125130102  NN8
    Big Rock DiamondClosed33 Hunter's Gt2603202385473YY11
    Ball Diamond at Laudan ParkClosedElizabeth St (west Town limit)3003203125370YY, covered17
    Air Ranch DiamondClosed        18

    About Field Status Updates

    Poor weather conditions or unsafe field conditions are the primary reasons for sports field closures. Experience has shown that most turf damage occurs with field overuse or use during inclement weather. If your home field is damaged as a result of play during inclement weather the Parks Department may not be able to provide an alternative facility. Thus it is in everyone's interest to ensure that fields are not used when play damages the playing surface. In order to meet the demand for high quality fields, and ensure a safe playing field, both weather and field conditions are monitored on a weekly basis to ensure that scheduled games and practices do not:

    • Cause abnormal damage to the field surface
    • Jeopardize further scheduled use of fields
    • Compromise personal safety of league players or general public

    When a field is closed, it is the responsibility of sport team coaches to ensure that fields are not played upon. It takes the efforts of every player, parent and coach to help prevent damage and maintain satisfactory field conditions.  Any teams caught playing on the field may forfeit the right to play on that field for the remainder of the season.