The Town of Okotoks is taking the proactive measure of closing all indoor town facilities to the public from April 29 to May 14 inclusive.…

Frequently Asked Questions (Enforcement)

RV Parking Regulations Temporarily Relaxed

In providing ongoing support for the Okotoks community, the Town is temporarily relaxing the time limit for parking recreational vehicles (RVs) on front residential driveways. 

Residents may park an RV in their driveway until June 30 to assist with self-isolation for themselves or extended family members. Additionally, the relaxation will support families that are financially impacted by COVID-19 and cannot afford storage for their RVs.

All other regulations for RV parking remain the same: an RV parked on a driveway cannot obstruct or encroach a sidewalk or roadway, trailers parked on the road must be attached to a tow vehicle and may only be parked for up to 72 hours.

Parking of any type of motor vehicle in a back lane is prohibited.

Residents who need to park their RV during the relaxation period must register it with Municipal Enforcement by calling 403-995-6302.


Have questions about pet licensing, animals at large, dogs off leash, or other responsible pet ownership regulations? Visit the Animal Safety and Dog Licensing page.



Property Maintenance

As a resident of Okotoks, you have rights regarding your private property and responsibilities while using public property.


The Town and the community takes pride in its numerous parks, extensive pathway system, beautiful architecture and thriving business district. However, graffiti decreases the town’s aesthetic appeal and diminishes the sense of security and pride in our community. When graffiti is not removed, it attracts more graffiti and other forms of vandalism and crime.