Parks & Pathways

Parks manages and maintains 170 ha of public parks and open spaces plus another 325 ha of natural areas including the river valley.  Okotoks citizens enjoy 85 kms of pathway system (which includes 25km of sidewalks); 99 parks; 49 playgrounds; 15 ball diamonds; 2 football/rugby fields; 16 soccer pitches; 5 tennis courts (2 lined for pickleball); 3 locations of outdoor fitness equipment; 1 sport court; a BMX track; a Water Spray ParkSkate Park; a Community Garden; and various outdoor skating rinks and toboggan hills.

Horticultural information services are also offered focusing on pest and disease control, weed control, wise water use and integrated pest management. Parks also manages and maintain public cemetery providing a broad range of interment options.


Parks and Amenities
  • 51kms of pathways, of which 33km are inter-connected and snow cleared
  • 96 Parks
  • 48 Playgrounds
  • 14 Ball Diamonds
  • 15 Soccer Pitches
  • 2 Football/Rugby Fields
  • 2 Outdoor Fitness  gyms
  • 5 Tennis Courts
  • 1 Multi Sport Courts
  • 3 Football/rugby Fields
  • 1 Running Track
  • 8 Outdoor Skating Rinks
  • 4 Toboggan Runs 
  • 1 Skateboard Park
  • 1 BMX Track

Pathway Systems & Map

A map of the current pathway system around Okotoks that connects virtually every corner of Town. view page

Off Leash Park

Lost Dog
A fenced-in, leash free dog park where canine companions can exercise & play in a safe environment. view page

Xeriscaping Initiatives

Check out the Town's xeriscaping (landscaping for water conservation) demonstration sites. view page

Park Maintenance

Parks Tree Maintenance
Providing care of parks, pathways, playgrounds, outdoor recreation facilities, natural spaces & trees. view page

Horticultural Hotline

Horticulture Hotline
Providing information and advice on landscaping, gardening, water use reduction & pest/disease diagnosis. view page

Weed and Pest Managment

Herbicide Use
Considering a range of issues when implementing weed & pest management in park environments. view page