The Town has started the process of re-opening facilities after the provincial government announced Stage 2 of the relaunch.  The Municipal Centre is now open to the public with restrictions and safety protocols in place to maintain the health, safety & well-being of our patrons and staff. Learn more about the Town’s response to ... Read More

  • Neigbhour Hood Block Party

Neighbourhood Block Parties

Although Alberta Health Services has not prohibited block parties, the Town is strongly discouraging them at this time. This is based on Dr Hinshaw’s caution that the nature of family events / gatherings remains high risk, which is partly due to sharing of common objects (food, beverages) and touching common surfaces. Although outdoor gatherings have been raised to 100 persons, this is intended for larger open spaces where different groups are able to properly social distance. Cooperating family cohorts were only expanded to 15 people, who are aware of each other’s precautions and can quickly adapt to any symptomatic persons in this small group. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as the Town takes these steps to ensure the health and safety of all residents.

Okotoks Recreation Centre
Facilities will begin re-opening July 6