Water Services

Okotoks stopped the addition of fluoride in the drinking water on December 20, 2012, in accordance with the Town of Okotoks' Water System Approval # 1029-03-00 (issued December 13, 2012). The Town monitors the quality of water in the Sheep River watersheds. Results are made public in the annual Water Quality Report. Fluoride naturally occurs in the Sheep River in concentrations varying throughout the year, between 0.22 and 0.23 mg/L.

Fluoride Program

A free program is available for access to oral health examination and topical fluoride varnish for children ages 12 to 25 months and living in Okotoks. This alternative program is administered through the Okotoks Healthy & Wellness Centre, and was developed in partnership with the Town of Okotoks, along with the Calgary Rural Primary Care Network and Alberta Health Services.

To book a free visual screening and fluoride varnish application for your child, or for more information on the alternative program, please contact the Okotoks Health & Wellness Centre.

Okotoks' water supply comes from 13 groundwater wells that draw from surface water (river, rain, and runoff). The Town of Okotoks is committed to providing high quality, safe and clean tap water.
Here are a few facts:
  • Okotoks water meets or exceeds current federal and provincial regulatory standards.
  • Your water may appear cloudy when you initially pour it from the tap. This is caused by dissolved air in your water and is not an indicator of any problem. The water will clear if you let it stand for a few minutes.
  • It is recommended that you use a de-chlorination chemical prior to using tap water for fish tanks. These chemicals are readily available at most pet stores.
  • It is good practice to run the tap water for a few minutes after periods of no water use (i.e. 6 hours or more) to flush out the water that has been sitting in your household plumbing. To help conserve water, you can collect and use the flushed water for washing or watering plants.

Lead Testing Image

Due to recent Health Canada’s decision to lower the Maximum Acceptable Concentration (MAC) of lead in water from 0.010 mg/L to 0.005 mg/L, all municipalities in Canada are required to complete lead testing.

Okotoks will be testing 60 homes from different neighbourhoods throughout the community, focusing on those built prior to 1975. Random testing of homes will take place the last two weeks of September and respective residents will be contacted.

Testing is taking place in response to the Canadian mandate to continue ensuring high standards for the Canadian Drinking Water Quality. Testing in Okotoks in 2020 has indicated only trace amounts of lead that are far below Health Canada’s Maximum Allowable Concentration and all Town infrastructure is lead free.

Testing will be carried out following COVID-19 safety protocols in order to maintain the health, safety and well-being of residents and staff. Please refer to the Okotoks website to stay updated on the Town’s response to COVID-19.

Residents who are not contacted by the Town can independently have their water tested through an accredited laboratory. These tests would not be free.

See FAQs below for more details.

Town of Okotoks Cross Connection Control Program

Okotoks Water Treatment Plant

Illustration of Okotoks Water Treatment Plant Process

Fire Hydrant Maintenance

Fluoride Removal

Lead in Water

Bulk Water

The Town of Okotoks sells bulk water to commercial and residential customers.  For more information please contact the Town Operations Centre online or at 403-938-4372.