Water Services

The Town of Okotoks is committed to providing high quality, safe and clean tap water.

Quick Facts

  • Okotoks' water supply comes from 13 groundwater wells that draw from surface water (river, rain, and runoff).
  • Okotoks water meets or exceeds current federal and provincial regulatory standards.
  • Your water may appear cloudy when you initially pour it from the tap. This is caused by dissolved air in your water and is not an indicator of any problem. The water will clear if you let it stand for a few minutes.
  • It is recommended that you use a de-chlorination chemical prior to using tap water for fish tanks. These chemicals are readily available at most pet stores.
  • It is good practice to run the tap water for a few minutes after periods of no water use (i.e. 6 hours or more) to flush out the water that has been sitting in your household plumbing. To help conserve water, you can collect and use the flushed water for washing or watering plants.

Town of Okotoks Cross Connection Control Program

Okotoks Water Treatment Plant

Illustration of Okotoks Water Treatment Plant Process

Fire Hydrant Maintenance

Fluoride Removal

Bulk Water

The Town of Okotoks sells bulk water to commercial and residential customers.  For more information please contact the Town Operations Centre online or at 403-938-4372. 

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