Utility Accounts & Rates

Multi-unit irrigation fee

Water used for irrigation purposes will be exempt from the sewer consumption charge on the condition that a separate water meter that measures only irrigation water must be installed and approved as per the Town’s specifications (for multi unit only).

When it comes to water utility rates the philosophy is straight forward—​the more you use, the more you pay. View the breakdown of the rates and fees, broken out into consumption tiers, in the Utility Rates tab below.

For information on Waste Services Fees (i.e. garbage, recycling, organics), please visit the waste service fee page.

Utility Account Sign Up (Water, Sewer and Waste Collection)

Are you a new resident or a current resident moving to a new residence in Okotoks or are you moving away? We have one easy form to fill out whether you are moving into a new home, moving within Okotoks, or need to cancel your utilities!

  • New Accounts: To sign up for Town utilities, including water, sewer and waste collection, prior to your occupancy/possession date (minimum 5 days), please fill out the utility form below
  • Moving: If you are moving within Town and need to move your Town utilities, please fill out the utility form below
  • Cancelling: if you need to cancel your utilities, please fill out the utility form below

Utility Account form 

NOTE: Filling out the above form also generates an automated request for delivery of garbage, organics and recycling carts to your new home.

Utility Rate Structure (Bi-Monthly Charges)

Rates in effect as of January 1, 2022.

Residential Utility RatesQuantityRate
Water Base Rate*$22.00
Water Consumption  - Tier 10-23 cubic metres$1.57/m3

Water Consumption - Tier 2

24-46 cubic metres*

Water Consumption - Tier 346+ cubic metres*$3.25/m3
Sanitary SewerBase Rate*$22.31
Sanitary Sewer Generation*per cubic metre$2.25/m3
Storm Sewer Fixed RateMandatory charge*

*Please note the following charges will be applied to individual dwelling units without a meter:

  • Consumption charges (where water meter is not registering accurately or home is without a meter) :
    • ​​Water: $110.00 per billing period
    • Sewer: $100.00 per billing period
  • Manual water meter reading fee: of $17.50 per billing period (for residents who chose not to have a Smart Meter System installed in their household)

Auto Pay and Email Billing

Water saving tools: Reducing your water bill

Here are some very helpful resources to help you monitor and reduce your water consumption and save you money!

Residential Irrigation Water – Sewer Exemption

Water consumption is averaged over three winter billing periods (December, February and April) to establish the non-irrigation average consumption.

Water volumes consumed over the non-irrigation average consumption will be exempt from the sewer consumption charge during the three summer billing periods (June, August and October).

Outdoor Watering Schedule

The Town has an outdoor watering schedule that is in effect from May 1 to October 31 annually.

Know your watering days