Water Meter Portal

Prevent high water bills - sign up for the water meter portal & set your alerts!

While the Town does not actively monitor your individual daily water consumption, you have the ability to do this yourself, in real-time, with the water meter portal! The water portal also allows you to set up high water consumption and vacation alerts, which will help you catch an undetected leak before your bill could potentially get very high. 

Access the portal and sign-up for an online account. 

Online Customer Water Portal

Portal Benefits

The meter and transmitter uses radio frequency (RF) and innovative technology to provide more accurate billing, and reflects real-time water consumption. This modernized water infrastructure provides you with more insight into your consumption habits and enhanced water conservation and leak-detection information.

Utility Billing

About AMI Water Meters

The Town upgraded water meter infrastructure to include AMI radios so they can be read remotely from a tower-based system. Water meters have been read via radio frequency for more than 10 years in Okotoks. While older meters can lose accuracy over time, the new meters are more accurate and can measure water down to less than a litre versus a cubic meter. 

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