Bi-Monthly Utility Bill Calculator

Rates effective as of January 1, 2022

Log into the Water Meter Portal to find out your consumption levels; then plug in your water usage numbers in below. 

*Please note: This calculator estimates charges for residential accounts only. Average residential water use for Okotoks for the 2021 is as follows: January & February: 29m3, March & April: 26m3, May & June: 32m3, July & August: 45m3, September & October: 33m3, November and December: 26m3.

cubic meters
(1 cubic meters = 1,000 L)
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Consumption RatesQuantityRate Per Cubic MeterEstimated Charges

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  • Water consumption averages over the 3 winter billing periods (December, February and April) will establish the non-irrigation consumption average
  • For summer billing periods (June, August and October), the sewer generation charge is based on your average water meter consumption from the previous winter billing periods (December, February and April)
  • Estimate does not include the waste services fee


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